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Talk To Me

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In this age of social media, where we instagram, tweet, text, facebook, skype and other forms electronically connecting to each other, I think we miss talking to each other. One of the things that I remember doing with my mother was talking to her every day of my life.  Even as an adult, we made a point to talk to each other about “nothing” or whatever was important in our lives that day. It was about communication and today I think we short change each other with text, tweets and face book.  What’s wrong with actually having a conversation with somebody?

One on one conversations, family gatherings, meeting after work or during work all have the flavor of “I need to see you”.  Social media is wonderful in some respects, but it has made us shorten our phrases and not spell out words in the old fashion way.  I don’t mean to sound old fashion, but I think it is good to turn off the TV when the kids come home from school and sit at the dinner table and talk about the day’s activities.  When you are going on date night, don’t pull out your cell phone at all to text someone else or check your emails.  TALK TO ME, grant me this time and pay attention to what I’m saying. How many times have you been out for dinner and have seen a couple not talk to each other, but have their heads down, buried into their electronic device.

The bombings in Boston this week, reminds us to not take anything for granted. The Boston Marathon is part of the fiber in America but just like that, lives were snuffed out and bodies maimed and changed for life. Don’t assumed that your 8 year old or your  baby or boo will be home tonight. Don’t take it for granted that you will be able to say I love you or you mean the world to me.  TALK TO ME and don’t let those opportunities pass. Who have you put off talking to today? Who have you been intending to talk to? Do it and do it often.

Get off the phone, get off the TV and turn off your computer and talk to your spouse, your kids, you friends or anyone else that you are too busy for before it’s too late.  While this nation scrambles to recover from the bombings in Boston, take notice of your surroundings today and make it a point to verbally communicate rather than send a  text, email or get on face book.. TALK TO ME……just my observations.

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  1. Joe Spigner

    Hey Willis…Welcome Back…….
    I’m elated to be able to hear you and the Dear Crooner letters again.
    Joe Spigner…
    BFFA 1999-2000 President
    Retired 09′

  2. Welcome back you guys! Glad to see Tammy in the house. I never doubted I’d hear your voices again. Mornings have not been the same without you. Wishing you much success.

  3. Great to have you back….mornings are not the

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