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  1. Thanks to Tammy for making the announement of the play Milk Chocolate Nutcracker.
    Me and my wife enjoy it.

  2. Robin Coleman

    OMG! I hear Alecia’s lovely voice again. This is my first time listening since you left KKDA and I can tell you I’ve really missed this show! There is nothing in the world like “GROWN FOLKS” radio. Willis still has his biting wit and valuable insight. Alecia is his balance and control. But her VOICE! Soothing even when she’s has her dander up. Keep up the GREAT work. I wish you continued success and maybe I could one day join your team with some insight of my own. I love you guys…me love you long time!

    • Helen Moore

      Willis you and the team are on it this morning. I continue to enjoy your show. Alica is so right about Ms.Berry but people just don’t try to understand others problems, its so sad. Yall keep doing the great job you are doing I really appreciate you guys.

  3. Good Morning Morning Team, The quality listening on my computer is hella better that that old raggedy behind tower ya had on KKDA. We can thank GOD that we no longer have to worry about the static, the other stations breaking through in the background or any of that nonsense. This was a blessing in disguise if you ask me. And we got Tammy back and added John, yeah, it’s all good.

  4. Paul Warfield played only one year with Jim Brown he never received the media hype they have today, but he’s number one

  5. Alecia, Lionel Richie started out as a drummer with the Commodores before he was a lead singer also.

    • He played sax and keyboards he was not the drummer, Walter Orange was the drummer

  6. Willis there is one R&B group that is still here and that is Mint Condition and they are a band also.

  7. CyndyB

    Hey Morning Team Willis,Alecia,TTT & John. I’m sorry Willis but you know we had to sing for Frankie the last time he was at Nokia. I’m just saying, but we still love him very much!

    • Helen Moore

      Good morning, Morning Team. It is so great to hear you guys each day. Listening to Willis address our schools it is so sad. What is it going to take to make us understand what is happening to our childrens? Only twenty six that is “College Ready”, is totally unacceptable.

  8. CyndyB

    Great show this morning Willis, Alecia,TTT & John, Sorry Willis but when I won the tickets from you to see Maze,Ledisi& Keith Sweat, you know we had to sing for Frankie, but we still love him very much!

  9. Gina West

    Mr. Johnson & Soul 73 team, it’s wonderful to have this great opportunity to hear you again. God is awesome! Grateful always, Gina

  10. Ron-Jay

    7/4/2013 – I’m online now, where is Willis?
    I’ll keep trying until I get him…

  11. Welcome back Willis, Alecia, Triple T & John! It is soooo nice to have you back.

  12. Rev. James L. Whitfield Sr.

    Welcome back morning Team

  13. Cindy Maxwell-Bathea

    Willis is Back! I knew they couldn’t keep you down and you’d find a way to get back to the people. You are such a pilar in our community and we need you. Blessings to you Alecia, Tammy and John. Love your #1 Silent Fan and Devout Black Catholic…Miss Cindy.

  14. I am so elated to have you back!!!

  15. ronnie boyce

    willis i went through your hometown going to atlanta,texas after seeing my brother in longview.its great to here your back on cantkeep a good man down.

  16. ronnie boyce

    willis its good to see and hear from you guys again.ill inform the guys at university park you are back on.

  17. Brenda

    Mr. Johnson, I am so happy to get my morning fix again. I went through serious withdrawals after you went off the air. I am thankful to have you back!

  18. Rodney

    Welcome back, glad that you are back bringing the info to the black community.

  19. Tammie Johnson

    God is good mii brother, welcome back. I love it.. may God continue 2 bless U & Yours Willis.

  20. Walter

    Time out for being BUFFOONS and CLOWNS. We are more than just forms of ENTERTAINMENT for the WORLD

  21. Walter

    Glade to be able to see you guys live, Now let me vent. Dallas built a 300 million dollar library for a liar, built a 100 million dollar bridge going into little Mexico or old west Dallas and building several Million dollar PARKS. Black men women and TEENS are being replaced in every, I mean every job market and it’s not about EDUCATION or KNOWLEDGE. Why are we not pissed off? Maybe you haven’t been replaced YET. SMOKE SCREENS stop you and slow your progress. GW Bush and 911 was a Smoke Screen. Welcome back Morning Team.

    • I agree Walter. Additionally, we need to stop supporting folk in our community who are leading us down a path to nowhere. I’m talking to you John Wylie and corrupt ministers who allow politicians in our churches. I’m talking to anyone in the community who takes sugar from North Dallas. I’m talking to you DISD. We need to pull up our bootstraps.



  23. Nannette Bryant

    OMG so good to wake up hearing the SOUL 73 team again

  24. Love the chemistry, laughter, good music and real TALK in the morning–Keep up the GREAT Work TEAM!

  25. Welcome back Willis; I am still trying to get this online radio stuff.

  26. Clint Eaton

    Welcome back you guys!!!

  27. Clint Eaton

    I prefer my wife to look natural, she wear hardly any make up at all. Just lip stick, and eye liner when she go to work, no foundation or eye shadow. She looks beautiful with what God gave her.

  28. Cynthia Brookins

    WHOOP, WHOOP…..Willis, Alecia and TTT back in da house.

  29. charolate

    Welcome back Willis,we miss you terribley

  30. Cynt Boykin

    Welcome back morning team! Yeah! and double Yeah!

    • Laverne Jones

      Good Morning Willis and family. I am getting good music, but I do not think I have connected correctly. I have not heard and talking from the morning team. What must I do to connect with you so I can hear your comments?


    We kept the faith and told ourselves “to stick and stay and don’t go astray and believe that best is yet to come”.
    Hello and God bless you Willis, Aleisha, Tammy, and all of the supporting cast on the “New Willis Johnson’s Good Morning Show”.
    Arthur R Kinion, II
    Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

  32. Love that you guys are back. Especially the Dear Crooner ;-)

  33. Good to hear&see the johnson family again. When does the old format come back-tues&thur morning with JWP?

  34. OMG!!! I near bout lost it when I saw Willis and the crew is back. It’s so hard to say goodby to yesterday!!! But, I do have today!! Yes!!!!!

  35. Ray Chappelle

    Welcome back Willis and crew! Good to have you back on the radio.

  36. Glad to hear you guys are back on the air.
    Will we be able to listen on demand if we miss the show.
    P.S. Michael may not stolen anyone song but as Jackson 5 they did.
    Rockin Robin, Bridge Over Troubled Water and Feelin Alright out the top of my head.

  37. Dwan Algere

    great news…where radio station are you on…hello to all many thanks…Dwan

  38. Ms Raglon

    Welcome back Willis. I can stop surfing everyday for something to listen to.

  39. marvin jones

    This sounds like your old “Saturday Morning Show”……glad you are “on the air” again. I love radio, so i guess I have to learn to embrace this new technology…lol

  40. Cathy Washington Busby

    Yeaaaaa!! Praise God.

  41. Helen Moore

    It is wonderfule to hear you guys again. I just knew something was coming just did not know what or when but I feel so blessed to have you guys back. Prayers are answered.

  42. Reginald Brazil "Brazil South"

    Well Alright !!! Willis, Alecia T, The Triple T and the new Brotha welcome back guys ! it’s good to wake up once again to Soul 73 online

  43. Welcome back Mr. Johnson and Staff.
    Mr.T and Lady Di.

  44. Rose Mary Thomas

    Willis, I’m so happy “YOU’RE BACK IN STRIDE AGAIN” :) I have truly missed you. I’m waiting to hear your voice again.

  45. Gaille99

    Welcome Back! Soooo glad!



    • Yvette Richmond

      Hooray – Willis, you’re back! It was so wonderful hearing your voice this morning. You have truly been missed. I sent your link to all my friends to tune in daily. Welcome back my friend!

      • Richard Crew

        I am so happy that you are back.
        Sincerely, your only black Republican

        • Fabian Williams

          soul 73 is back oh yeah ! that’s the station where real music is played !

  47. Cynt Boykin

    Hey Mr. Johnson, welcome back Ya’ll. Yeah!

  48. This is my first time tuning in, but I only hear music…. No Willis or Alecia. Did I do something wrong?

    I don’t know what I hit, but I can hear them now. (Yippee)


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